July 28, 2009

Take it Easy

Does this not look amazing. I love hammocks. I think I was born that way. I actually purchased one of my own when I went to Ecuador. However, the saddest part is that at the moment there is no safe place to hang it. Today has been a long day at work and I would love nothing more to have this picture be what I came home to. To be able to swing in the greens, relax, and possibly read a book or nap. *sigh*

July 16, 2009


So sometimes my roommate/cousin, Amy, thinks it is funny to play tricks on me. Last night for instance I was minding my own business watching--a show that shall not be named due to the pursecution that could possibly follow--when she text me telling me to come outside with her and boyfriend. To be honest I was pretty tired and just wanted to sit so I put off venturing out until after probably about forty minutes.

For any of you who have been to my little basement apartment you know there is a patio with a pool in the backyard. This is where Amy and Gordy (aka boyfriend) were sitting. I'm a little blind in the first place but as I stepped out the darkness and my impaired vision made it impossible to see them. Also, little known fact, Louise is afraid of the dark and did not want to go searching and when I called out they did not respond. As I peered into the darkness I saw and heard nothing that resembled human life. Here is when my imagination takes over. I ran inside and locked the door.

Maybe someone stole Amy's phone and was trying to lure me out into the dark to get me. Because they knew I was home alone I would be an easy target to attack, rape, or kidnap. Is Amy alright? Did they get her first? What do I do if they come through the door? Where is my phone? HELP!

Knock knock knock

Amy and Gordy at the back sliding door. I went and open it with relief. I asked why they didn't answer when I called to them, they had not heard. We all sit down and they are both giggling. What's so funny? Amy had been texting me from Gordy's ice hockey game thinking it would be funny to have me walking around the house trying to find them. Little did she know I had been lazy and only two minutes ago gotten up to go out and say hi. What a little stink! But I love her, and lets be honest I'm glad it was her playing a joke instead of my alternate reality. It is amazing what our minds can do.