February 15, 2009

Yep, 25 Things

Random things, Enjoy:

1. I come from a huge family, ten kids, mom, dad, and at this point 13 nieces and nephews with one on the way. I love them more than anything.
2. I LOVE blankets, especially a beat up small one.
3. This last summer I went to Ecuador and fell in love with the kids I served in orphanages there.
4. I tend to be a little odd in my humor, most people don't get it at first.
5. I wanted to collect something so I decided on Children's Books and I love them!! I think about them too often. My favorite as of late are the Olivia series, she is hilarious.
6. My family thinks it is funny that instead of saying I have to "pee" I use the word "urinate"
7. I was a brat in elementary and junior high... Poor Fernando. I like to hope I've changed.
8. I love being alone regularly, but not constantly.
9. I think I'm funny and often am the only one laughing at my jokes haha
10. I am a tease.
11. I'm left handed.
12. I am a Public Health major with an emphasis in Health Promotion.
13. I'm lactose intolerant.
14. I pretty much enjoy all adventures.
15. I have always driven really "nice" cars... my current one is SPEW, she has a marroon with white lips, Muah!
16. I like to attempt to use large words to sound intelligent but unfortunately it doesn't usually work so well.
17. I love driving without the radio on when I'm alone.
18. I think and analyze things WAY too much.
19. I get overwhelmed when too much is going on at once.
20. I nuzzle my head every time I fall sleep.
21. I love my bed more than anyone probably should love a bed.
22. I squeal when I'm going to sleep. Literally because I get so excited. Even just thinking about it makes me happy!
23. I've had my fair share of car accidents. Yikes.
24. I have a stuffed animal named Uterus.
25. I used to play the Cello when I was younger.